For quite a while now there has been a need to simplify getting into Virtual Worlds. Quick! is the answer to that. With Quick! you will discover just how easy and fun Virtual Worlds can be! Check back here for updates on this project regularly.

A Dimension Beyond
Our Latest Project

Getting into a virtual world has traditionally not been for the faint at heart! Here is a bit of what you would have to do to become a virtual citizen in a typical grid.

First you would have to find the website for the world and get yourself signed up by creating an avatar name- generally first and last, and a password. You submit that and wait for the Admin to OK you.

Then you download a viewer like Firestorm or Singularity, or the SL Viewer. There are about 20 to choose from that all have different interfaces and what they were designed for!

You then install that on your computer and start it.

Then you  have to get the URI (internet address) of the grid you want to go to and fill out a rather confusing form with the correct information.

If you survive that, and the Admin OK’s your new name and lets you in, you can then try to get into a virtual world.

Once you are there you are a basic generic avatar that looks like all the other noobs there! Hopefully someone will take pity on you and help you figure out how to make the new pixel you look good.

Then there is the interface you need to learn. You want to move around and learn how to fly and talk with others. All this is a pretty steep learning curve. It took me more than 3 months to figure it all out-and even then there are new things I learn every day!

Quick! will take this whole crazy learning curve and eliminate it. To get into a virtual world all you will have to do is go into a webpage in a browser like Firefox or Chrome on any device you have be it Mac or Windows, tablet or phone, and click on a button. Bang! You are in and able to explore the world with simple to use controls! No downloading or waiting for Admins to OK you. No pulling out your hair figuring out complicated controls! You can visit friends, learn something, go to a concert, or buy something at your favorite store.

The key to Quick! is that it is something that anyone can use to go get into a Virtual World easily. No extra hardware will be needed. Whatever you have-desktop computer, laptop, tablet, even phones will work with Quick! because it is just a web page! You will just use your regular web browser to go there just like surfing the web. The controls will be simple and intuitive so anyone can be using them well with little to no learning curve.

Quick! is not designed to do everything the download viewers will do. It will come with modular add-ons that the server admin can add to make it do more things. In it’s most basic form it will let you get into a virtual world and move around and explore. Just the basic things you need to get in and have fun or learn or shop.

As you grow in your knowledge and are feeling comfortable in your favorite virtual world, Quick! will grow with you, being able to offer more complex things for you to do like build and design. Basically the sky is the limit with Quick! You will be very Quick! in no time!



We have been downloading and playing tons of game apps and looking at other viewers and are working very hard trying to come up with an interface that works really well for everyone. Everyone includes people with differing needs such as people who are deaf or people who speak different languages. They want to be able to talk with each other and have a rich experience together inworld. We have been burning a lot of brain cells thinking out just what needs to be in our interface.  If you have some ideas Just give us a yell! We would love to hear from you!