Our Dream
A Dimension Beyond

At A Dimension Beyond we make dreams a reality.  Dreams are what we are all about. We are a small group of people from 3 very diverse backgrounds that have some really good ideas. Together we creatively collaborate in virtual worlds and on Skype.


This is the wave of the future. What brings our world together. With the technology in OpenSimulator and other virtual world platforms, we have become good friends and have shared our dreams with each other. We have worked together extensively and understand how to collaborate using the technology we know and use.

The founders of A Dimension Beyond always wanted something more in their experience. Steve’s dream when he figured out Second Life was that he wanted his own servers where he could create his own stuff and control what happened in his worlds. He also wanted backups in case anything went wrong. He then eventually discovered Open Simulator which was in essence a clone of Second Life, using the same viewers and much the same building and scripting.

Since then OpenSim has evolved in some ways to be much more than SL in it’s capabilities. Many organizations have begun using it for everything from education to conferences and meetings. The Army has their MOSES project which is developing OpenSim to use for training soldiers.

It is a lot of fun living on the bleeding edge of technology. You get to see new things almost every day. In our Virtual Worlds we have met many incredible people like Philip Rosedale, who was instrumental in creating Second Life, and become friends with people like Douglas Maxwell of MOSES who leads a team of really smart people that are creating the Army of the future.

At A Dimension Beyond we are right in the middle of all this, going on this fantastic ride that will change all our lives. We are wanting to make Virtual Reality available to everyone no matter what computing device they own and where they are. Our products aim to be Operating System agnostic. To be able to run on a wide variety of devices from Macs and PC’s to tablets and cell phones, both IOS and Android. The key is they will run on apps that you already know and use. This lowers the learning curve considerably and opens up Virtual Worlds to anyone who wants to try them out.

“They do not know that the dream is a constant in life. They do not know that the dream is wine, it’s fizz, it’s yeast. It’s an eager and vivacious small animal with a pointy nose that pries through everything in a perpetual motion. They do not know that the dream is canvas and color and brush. They do not know nor even dream that dream commands life. When a man or a woman dreams, the world leaps and moves forward like a colorful ball in the hands of a child.”

Philosophical Stone― António Gedeão

António Gedeão (b. Rómulo Vasco da Gama de Carvalho, GCSE, GOIP; November 24, 1906 – February 19, 1997) was a Portuguese poet, essayist, writer and playwright, who also published several works related to science. António Gedeão was an alter ego of Rómulo de Carvalho, who, using his real name was also a professor, teaching chemistry and history of science.