The Future
A Dimension Beyond

To us at A Dimension Beyond, the future looks really good! We think of new things to do with Virtual Worlds all the time! In fact thinking up new products is the best part of our Job!


So what is it that makes Virtual Reality and Virtual Worlds so incredibly cool? The idea of 3D and virtual reality has been messed with for many years. Many people before have built things to experience a three dimensional world that we create on a computer. The technology of virtual reality is still in it’s infancy though. There are parts of it that work really well like OpenSim, but even OpenSim is far from a mature product. It still crashes and does strange things on a regular basis!

There is also other things out there right now like Oculus Rift that makes the experience to be more immersive than just on your computer screen. Let’s look a bit into some crazy ideas of what we can do with a virtual world!

Imagine going to shop in a virtual version of Target or Macy’s without ever leaving your home. You can just go to their web page and click on a button and you are in the store with the aisles of stuff to buy. You came to buy a new shirt and so you go to the clothing area and look at what shirts they have for sale. You find one you like. You click on it and you put it on an avatar that looks just like you. Now you can see what you look like in it without ever leaving your home. Saves a lot of time in those nasty changing rooms!

Imagine instead of having to go to college you just go to the college website and click on a button and you are in a classroom with an instructor. There are people from all over the world there taking the same lesson you are. You can talk to all the other people there and make new friends. The key here is that the other students in that classroom are from all over the world! They could be from Portugal, France, Egypt, South America, Russia, Australia-anywhere! It is a great opportunity to make friends from different cultures and share with them. In short order you will be a world citizen and understand that people are just people and have many different ways of doing things that you can share with and learn from. You will find that people are way cool no matter where they live.