A Dimension Beyond
A Dimension Beyond...

    A Dimension Beyond Inc. is a new company created from the desire to advance Virtual World Technology and Virtual Reality to the next dimension. We create software that makes it easier for everyone to access Virtual Worlds.

    We also offer build and design services for custom regions and virtual objects. This includes full scripting and terraforming to your specifications.

Dreams are important!

     At A Dimension Beyond we make dreams a reality. You may say that everyone says that- even insurance companies!, but that is what we are all about. We are a small group of people from 3 different places that have some really good ideas. All of us have met and became acquainted in virtual worlds. None of us live near each other with one in Arizona, one in California, and one in Portugal. We have never met in person, but we have met many times in different virtual worlds, and on Skype.

     This is the wave of the future. What brings our world together. With the technology in OpenSimulator and other virtual world platforms, we have become good friends and have shared our dreams with each other. We have worked together extensively and understand how to collaborate using the technology we know and use.

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Our First project is a solution to a problem that everyone seems to have. Getting into a virtual world is a hard thing to do. You have to download a program, install it, and get a login name and password and on and on. Quick! will make it easy.

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Our People

Our people are what makes our company great! Meet the founders of A Dimension Beyond. Our adventure is just beginning!

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Our Philosophy

The future for Virtual Reality and Virtual Worlds is bright. At A Dimension Beyond we have been involved in virtual worlds for over 9 years. We always wanted something better than what was there

What We Are Working On Now
A Peek Into The Future

At A Dimension Beyond our aim is to do our very best to build products that are easy to use for anyone from the tech savvy to grandma. Most of the software we use today was built for geeks by geeks. We intend to change that!

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