Halcyon Mini Grid Package


Hosting is $73.42 a month.

Setup is $275.00 one time charge.

1 hour FREE training session included!
This is the smallest Halcyon Grid available. It will handle up to 10 55,000 prim regions on a single instance of Windows Server 2008. This mini grid is not directly expandable. It is able to be upgraded to a larger setup with separate region and services virtual machines.
This Halcyon grid is for a person a bit more experienced in grid operation. Halcyon is a grid system that came from OpenSim but is developed for a more commercial or enterprise use. Halcyon follows Second Life closely in scripting and other things.
Very stable system.
Region size is 256×256 only.
Region crossings are very smooth.
Has PhysX physics engine for smooth movement.
The script engine is compatible with Second Life.
Maximum prims on a region is 45,000.
Open Sim assets are usable in Halcyon. SL assets are generally also.
Uses a more robust and expandable database and asset system.
A Halcyon grid is a closed grid with no Hypergrid.
Security is better on Halcyon.
A real advantage is the expandability. This world can become at a later time a much bigger world the size of a full commercial grid. This makes growth easy and relatively cheap.
Halcyon comes with a website for control and front end services. The website can be integrated into another website if desired.
Soon there will be a marketplace just for Halcyon worlds.
This is setup by our Halcyon expert Bob Curtice (Vinhold Starbrook) and he is available for tech support as well.