Halcyon Mini Grid Starter Package

Halcyon is a fork of OpenSim upgraded to be more of an Enterprise level grid server. It is very stable so it rarely crashes.

Specifications And Notes:


Hosting is $73.42 a month.

Setup is $275.00 one time charge.

1 hour FREE training session included!

This is the smallest Halcyon Grid available. It will handle up to 10 55,000 prim regions on a single instance of Windows Server 2008.

This mini grid is not directly expandable. It is able to be upgraded to a larger setup with separate region and services virtual machines.

This Halcyon grid is for a person a bit more experienced in grid operation. Halcyon is a grid system that is a fork of OpenSimulator and was developed by InWorldz LLC for a more commercial or enterprise use.

The Halcyon code base is currently maintained by the HalcyonGrid project. Halcyon follows Second Life closely in scripting and other things.


Halcyon is a very stable system. Region size is 256×256 only.

Region crossings are very smooth. Halcyon uses the PhysX physics engine for smooth realistic movement. The script engine is compatible with Second Life.

Maximum prims on a region is 45,000. Open Sim assets are usable in Halcyon. SL assets are generally also.

Halcyon uses a more robust and expandable database and a file based asset system.

A Halcyon grid is a closed grid with no Hypergrid. Security is better on Halcyon.

A real advantage is the expandability. This world can become at a later time a much bigger world the size of a full commercial grid. This makes growth easy and relatively cheap.

Halcyon comes with a website for control and front end services. The website can be integrated into another website if desired.

Soon there will be a marketplace just for Halcyon worlds.

This is setup by our Halcyon expert Bob Curtice (Vinhold Starbrook) and he is available for tech support as well.

Hosting and Technical Support Information:

Full technical support is available as you need it from a knowledgeable support technician in the USA who speaks English well.

We do not use scripts to support our customers.

Our support is enhanced by our firsthand knowledge of managing Virtual Worlds.

Our support people have over 10 years of experience with OpenSim, and several years using other Metaverse Systems.

Tech support is available via phone, Skype, or Discord. Remote control assistance is available anywhere in the world if you need it via Remote Desktop. Support is also available via email.

Tech support costs $65.00 a hour. Tech support times are M-F 8AM to 5PM Arizona USA time. After hours are more expensive!

We can host most anything legal on our servers, including Virtual Worlds and Web Pages. All setups are totally customized to meet our customer’s needs.

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