CybaLounge Hosting

CybaLOUNGE is a web world that runs completely in a browser. It runs in Windows, Mac, Linux, on IOS and Android tablets and cell phones. For a demo of cybaLOUNGE click here!

Pricing is available by contacting us via the contact page. If you are an educator or a commercial user we have special offers for you to try it out!


  1. Can be integrated into a regular website to provide a 3D experience to draw customers to your site.
  2. No installation or registration necessary
  3. Uses converted OAR files from OpenSim to import a region’s content in the web based world. Use your builds from OpenSim and SL!
  4. CybaLOUNGE has test chat, voice, and video chat.
  5. Test to speech and speech to text are available.
  6. You can stream your world’s audio and video.
  7. There is a physics engine, real time lighting and shadowing, and event based scripting.
  8. You can build in-world using a complete set of build tools makes creating worlds easy.
  9. You can drag and drop images, documents, sounds, 3D models, presentations, and URLs directly into your virtual world.
  10. You can offer downloadable files inworld that download with a click on an object.
  11. VR Ready! Support for Occulus Go (complete) and Occulus Quest (soon!)
  12. Supports all major browsers on desktops/laptops and Chromebook. It also works really well on tablets and even cell phones and VR Devices! Works equally well on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  13. You can even use it on a Raspberry Pi!
  14. cybaLOUNGE is very simple to set up and easy to maintain. It is also very easy to customize the interface as it is really just a webpage!
  15. cybaLOUNGE is designed from the ground up to be an enterprise level product suitable for Education, Commercial, and Personal use. It is a completely new product.
  16. A Dimension Beyond hosts cybaLOUNGE on our servers at reasonable prices and offers complete tech support

To order use the contact link above and let us know this is the package you want.