A Dimension Beyond, Inc. is a small company that among other things, offers hosting services for Virtual Worlds. We are offering packages that are easy to use and have excellent tech support.

All hosted grids are on a server actually owned by us.

Here are a couple of server packages for you to consider:

OpenSim Mini DreamGrid system on Windows


Only $56.78 a month with FREE setup and 1 hour tech support to get you started!

Uses OpenSim 9.x as a base engine.

Able to host up to 10 regions comfortably at 15,000 prims a region.

This is a small full grid server that can be used for a personal grid or the beginnings of a commercial grid. This will also serve up to 10 regions on another grid like OSGrid.

We use an enterprise server that is company owned with a 1Gb connection in USA.

Some features in the easy to use front-end:
1. All of this comes with pop-up help screens to guide you and we provide a full .pdf manual when you order!
2. Automatic backups
3. Easily load and backup OAR (region) files locally or get new ones from an extensive list of free ones available.
4. Save your avatar’s inventory in an IAR file to use other places.
5. Choice of a full grid server with ROBUST, a region server for OSGrid or another grid.
6. Able to use Gloebits currency in grid.
7. Hypergrid available and can be turned on or off.
8. Comes with a regular Internet non-shared IP address that can be a domain address.
9. Has Shoutcast and Icecast server availability.
10. Several levels of maps for region detail.
11. Full control over permissions including god mode.
12. Choice of physics engines including UBODE and Bullet.
13. Publish your grid to Hyperica.com to get new residents and visitors.
14. Full easy setup of new regions.
15. Control automatic restart easily.
16. Enable Terms of Service for your grid.
17. Easy setup and help for Vivox voice.
18. Has a WiFi front page that is configurable. Work inventory from a web page!
19. Easily check log files for issues.
20. Easily change region name and location.
21. Regions can be any size that is a multiple of 256×256.
22. Training is available for new grid managers.
23. Comprehensive Help section to guide you as needed.
24. Free TeamViewer or Remote Desktop installed so you can remote control the server from home.

This is a very easy to use system to have your own small grid. It is not limited to the starting configuration. We can add CPU, RAM, and SSD space should you need it as you grow your grid. This is also movable as the data and asset files are easily saved.

Halcyon Mini Grid Package:


Hosting is $73.42 a month.

Setup is $275.00 one time charge.

1 hour FREE training session included!
This is the smallest Halcyon Grid available. It will handle up to 10 55,000 prim regions on a single instance of Windows Server 2008. This mini grid is not directly expandable. It is able to be upgraded to a larger setup with separate region and services virtual machines.
This Halcyon grid is for a person a bit more experienced in grid operation. Halcyon is a grid system that came from OpenSim but is developed for a more commercial or enterprise use. Halcyon follows Second Life closely in scripting and other things.
Very stable system.
Region size is 256×256 only.
Region crossings are very smooth.
Has PhysX physics engine for smooth movement.
The script engine is compatible with Second Life.
Maximum prims on a region is 45,000.
Open Sim assets are usable in Halcyon. SL assets are generally also.
Uses a more robust and expandable database and asset system.
A Halcyon grid is a closed grid with no Hypergrid.
Security is better on Halcyon.
A real advantage is the expandability. This world can become at a later time a much bigger world the size of a full commercial grid. This makes growth easy and relatively cheap.
Halcyon comes with a website for control and front end services. The website can be integrated into another website if desired.
Soon there will be a marketplace just for Halcyon worlds.
This is setup by our Halcyon expert Bob Curtice (Vinhold Starbrook) and he is available for tech support as well.


Full technical support is available as you need it from a knowledgeable support technician in the USA who speaks English well.

We do not use scripts to support our customers.

our support is enhanced by our  firsthand knowledge of managing Virtual Worlds.

Our support people have over 10 years of experience with OpenSim, and several years using other Metaverse Systems.

Tech support is available via phone, Skype, or Discord. Remote control assistance is available anywhere in the world if you need it via Remote Desktop. Support is also available via email.

Tech support costs $55.00 a hour.
Tech support times are M-F 8AM to 5PM Arizona USA time.
After hours are more expensive!

We can host most anything legal on our servers, including Virtual Worlds and Web Pages.
All setups are totally customized to meet our customer’s needs.