Hosting Packages

Opensim DreamGrid Hosting

This is a small full grid server that can be used for a personal grid or the beginnings of a commercial grid.

Monthly Cost: SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! Regular price is $89.59 per month. NOW ONLY $57.82 a month for 6 months with FREE setup!

For a 10 region grid this is only $5.78 a month per region!!!

Pay for a year in advance and get 2 months FREE!

Software Used: OpenSim 9.x as a base software. Runs on Windows 7 or Windows 10 Pro.

Grid Ability: You are able to host 10- 256×256 regions comfortably at 15,000 prims a region.

OSGrid Hosting: We can also set up any number of regions on OS Grid or Metropolis Grid.

This totally expandable as you grow!

2CPU, 4GB RAM, 60GB SSD Drive and has a 1Gb connection in the on the Internet Backbone in the USA with static IP address.

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OpenSim Region Hosting on OSGrid, Metropolis Grid And Others….

Don’t want a whole grid? Just want a region or three on another grid? We can do that too! Our hosting system can give you just the region space you need from a 256X256 region to large VAR regions in OpenSim.

Halcyon Grid

3CPU, 4GB RAM, 60GB SSD and has a 1Gb connection in the USA With Static IP address.

Setup Fee:  $275.00 one time charge.

Monthly Cost: SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! Regular price is $117.41 per month. NOW ONLY $73.42 a month for 6 months!

For a 10 region grid this is only $7.34 a month per region on a 10 region grid!!!

Halcyon Grids are recommended for someone that has experience in grid operations and OpenSim or Halcyon.  This is the smallest hosting package available. The software runs on a Windows server. This mini grid is not expandable without additional software and hardware.  Halcyon is more suited for commercial or enterprise use. Halcyon follows Second Life closely in scripting and functions. Halcyon grids are closed grids meaning there is no HyperGrid type system in Halcyon. This makes for a more secure system for users and creators.

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CybaLOUNGE Hosting

Host your web-based Virtual World with A Dimension Beyond! CybaLOUNGE is a new Virtual World that works completely in a web browser! For a demo click here!

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Hosting FAQ

All of our packages include a Free 1 hour training session.

Our support staff have firsthand knowledge of managing Virtual Worlds with over 12 years of experience with OpenSim, and several years using other Metaverse Systems.

The desktop interface is modifiable to enable accessibility services.

Tech support is available via email, phone, Skype, or Discord.  We can also remote control into your server to assist if needed.

Additional one on one support is available for an additional fee of $65.00 per hour during our normal US business hours of Monday – Friday 8 AM to 5 PM MST (Arizona).  The additional fee does  not apply if it’s an emergency that is our fault. (A server or grid goes offline.)

Our Enterprise level servers are in a nearby data center and administered by us as root user, no 3rd party server farm is used. This means we have complete control of everything!

We can also host your website or whatever else you can think of!

Let us know your needs! We can customize a package for you. Crazy Ideas are welcome!