Halcyon Grid

3CPU, 4GB RAM, 60GB SSD and has a 1Gb connection in the USA With Static IP address.

Setup Fee:  $275.00 one time charge.

Monthly Cost: SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! Regular price is $117.41 per month. NOW ONLY $73.42 a month for 6 months!

For a 10 region grid this is only $6.12 a month per region on a 10 region grid!!!

Halcyon Grids are recommended for someone that has experience in grid operations and OpenSim or Halcyon.  This is the smallest hosting package available. The grid runs on a Windows server. This mini grid is not expandable without additional software and hardware.  Halcyon is more suited for commercial or enterprise use. Halcyon follows Second Life closely in scripting and functions. Halcyon grids are closed grids meaning there is no HyperGrid type system in Halcyon. This makes for a more secure system for users and creators.


  1. Very stable and fast system. Halcyon is designed to be an Enterprise level virtual World system.
  2. Up to 10 regions at 45,000 prims per region. Grid comes with 10 regions ready to finalize.
  3. Region size is 256×256 only.
  4. Region crossings are very smooth.
  5. Has PhysX physics engine for smooth movement.
  6. The script engine is compatible with Second Life.
 Maximum prims on a region is 45,000.
  7. Open Sim assets are usable in Halcyon as a general rule.
  8. SL assets and scripts are generally usable also.
  9. Uses a more robust and expandable database and asset system.
  10. A Halcyon grid is a closed grid with no Hypergrid.
 Security is better on Halcyon.
  11. A real advantage is the ability for this world to be expanded. This world can become at a later time a much bigger world the size of a full commercial grid. This makes growth easy and relatively cheap.
  12. Halcyon comes with a website for control and front end services. The website can be integrated into another website if desired.
  13. Soon there will be a marketplace just for Halcyon worlds.
  14. This is setup by our Halcyon expert Bob Curtice (Vinhold Starbrook) and he is available for tech support as well.
  15. Mesh support is very good in Halcyon, no visual glitches.

To order click on the contact form here and let us know this is the package you want.