A Dimension Beyond Offers Free Virtual Meeting Rooms

March 25, 2020 Off By admin

A Dimension Beyond, Inc. is offering a FREE region in OpenSim or cybaLOUNGE virtual worlds to host your meetings or classes during the Covid-19 crisis. This is a public service of ADB Hosting to help our neighbors worldwide.

Regions set up as meeting and gathering places are available by just calling me at +1 928-445-5050 between 8-5 Arizona time (GMT-7) or emailing info@adimensionbeyond.com.

Meeting places are available in OpenSim regions on our grid and in cybaLOUNGE Web worlds. We can schedule you time to use regions for meetings or create a private place to get together.

The service is being offered free of charge to those needing to get together for work or other meetings and to civic groups.

CL Meeting room

cybaLOUNGE Meeting Room

CybaLOUNGE is a totally web based virtual world that needs no downloads to get in. It will work in most any web browser on Desktop, laptop, tablet and cell phone. This includes machines running Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. It will work almost anywhere because it is just a 3D web page basically that will work in offices, schools and homes with absolutely no setup needed.

CybaLOUNGE has many features that make it really good for getting people together. See here for more information:    https://adimensionbeyond.com/cybalounge-hosting/


A Theater in OpenSim

Open Simulator or OpenSim is a virtual world with rich graphics and large community of users. It runs a lot like Second Life virtual world but is an Open Source platform. We have regions set up for meeting that can hold 50 or more avatars. OpenSim uses a free downloadable viewer that we can provide. This makes it harder to use in business and classroom situations. A big advantage here is an incredibly large available library of pre-built regions and 3D objects to decorate your regions.

More info on OpenSim can be found here:    https://adimensionbeyond.com/opensim-dreamgrid/

If you are looking for a permanent solution we have quality hosting available for virtual worlds, and web sites or for most anything that needs serving!

A Dimension Beyond, Inc. home page is here: https://adimensionbeyond.com

Steve LaVigne

Gridmaster and Secretary-Treasurer

A Dimension Beyond, Inc.